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The BOMcheck mapping tool enables you to map supplier part numbers to customer part numbers. When the supplier updates the declaration status of his part numbers (for example, to take account of new REACH or RoHS substances), BOMcheck automatically updates the statuses of all customers part numbers which are mapped to the supplier’s part numbers.

Mapping figure 1

The mapping parts list file must contain the customer part number in column A, the supplier part number in column B and the BOMcheck supplier code (DUNS number) for the supplier in column C. Do not include header rows, titles, etc in the mapping parts list file.  For example, the following mapping parts list file will map the customer part number Philips1 to supplier part number ABC123 where the supplier’s BOMcheck Supplier Code (DUNS number) is 123456789.

Mapping figure 2

You can set the confidentiality of the mapping so that the mapping number can be seen by:

  • All Manufacturers, or
  • Only selected Manufacturers, or
  • Only you (the person who carried out the mapping)

Mapping numbers are shown in blue font on BOMcheck. A Manufacturer who has permission to see the mapping number can also see the supplier part number details and access the original declaration provided by the supplier. The Manufacturer can see the confidentiality of the mapping number and also the confidentiality of the supplier part number. However, if the mapping is also confidential to several other Manufacturers then the names of these toher Manufacturers are not shown.  For example, if a supplier makes a mapping to a part number and makes the mapping confidential to Philips and Siemens.  When Philips logs in they will see that the mapping part number is confidential to Philips, but they will not see that it is also confidential to Siemens. 

The supplier should ask their customer whether the customer will map the customer part numbers to the supplier part numbers, or whether the supplier should map the customer part numbers to the supplier part numbers. For example, Philips is using its Super User accounts to map the Philips 12NC part codes to the supplier part numbers. However, Tyco Electronics has asked its suppliers to map their supplier part numbers to the Tyco Electronics part numbers