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In December 2010 BOMcheck was appointed co-chair of the IPC 1752A Industry Standard for Supplier Declarations.  IPC 1752A is the most widely data exchange format for Regulatory Compliance Declarations and Full Materials Declarations. IPC 1752A is used to make Regulatory Compliance Declarations for RoHS, REACH Candidate List Substances, REACH Substance Restrictions, IEC 62474 Declarable Substances List, Joint Industry Guide JIG-101 lists, battery substance restrictions, other regulated substances lists, industry substance restrictions and many other lists. 

BOMcheck manages the IPC update to the IPC 1752A lists of regulated substances, RoHS exemptions, etc, every 6 months immediately after ECHA publishes the new REACH Candidate Lists in December and June.  BOMcheck drafts the new IPC 1752A lists and forwards the draft lists to IPC Committee for review.  At the same time, BOMcheck shares the draft IPC 1752A lists with IT solution providers so that they can start to preparing updates to their systems.  

The new IPC 1752A lists are loaded into BOMcheck within 3 weeks of ECHA publication of new REACH Candidate Lists. All BOMcheck users notified in advance when BOMcheck will be updated.   IT solution providers can download the new IPC 1752A lists directly from BOMcheck Integration API or they can download the same lists from the IPC website.  

BOMcheck uses suppliers’ Full Materials Declarations (FMD) data to calculate new Regulatory Compliance Declarations (RCDs) for FMD parts.  BOMcheck provides chemicals guidance and webinar training to explain new regulated substances and help suppliers update RCD parts.  For further information see our videos published at