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On 3 August BOMcheck joined The move provides significant business benefits to users.   
Business benefits
thinkstep is a global sustainability software company with 250 experts in 28 offices across 19 countries. Over 40% of Global Fortune 500 companies use thinkstep solutions and thinkstep’s leading GaBi life cycle assessment tool has 20,000 users in 20 industries. thinkstep collaborates with a wide range of software solutions and has launched to manage data flow from one solution to another.  
There are no changes to the operation and management of BOMcheck.  Aidan Turnbull and all his team have transferred to thinkstep and continue to manage BOMcheck in exactly the same way as before.  
BOMcheck continues as an independent system and the functions and features on BOMcheck continue to be directed by the same BOMcheck Industry Steering Group.
Apart from the name change to thinkstep, there are no changes to the BOMcheck supplier member rules, terms and conditions or annual subscriptions.
Future integration options will enable companies to choose whether they want to import BOMcheck FMD data directly into GaBi for life cycle assessment.  There will be no requirement to choose this integration option and no requirement to buy any additional services from thinkstep.  There will be no changes to the user functions and features on BOMcheck to support the option for integration to GaBi
BOMcheck has been sold to thinkstep  
ENVIRON UK Ltd has been sold to engineering, design and consultancy company Ramboll and is now trading as Ramboll Environ UK Ltd. On 31 July Ramboll Environ UK Ltd sold BOMcheck to Aidan Turnbull Ltd, and on 3 August Aidan Turnbull Ltd sold BOMcheck to global sustainability software company thinkstep.   
Actions for Manufacturer Accounts and Super User Accounts
When you next login to BOMcheck you will be asked to transfer your BOMcheck Manufacturer Agreement to thinkstep with no changes to your existing terms and conditions. Many leading companies (Siemens, Philips, OSRAM, Schneider Electric, TE Connectivity) have already transferred their Manufacturer Agreements.   
No action needed for Supplier Accounts
There are no changes to the Supplier Accounts on BOMcheck. The BOMcheck supplier member rules allow Supplier Accounts to be transferred (assigned) without any actions from the supplier. 
Apart from the name change to thinkstep, there are no changes to the BOMcheck supplier member rules, terms and conditions, or annual subscriptions. The supplier member rules continue to include strict obligations on BOMcheck to ensure security and confidentiality of all supplier data in BOMcheck.     
The BOMcheck IT security policy stays the same. Administrator access to the BOMcheck system continues to be restricted to the same three security-approved BOMcheck staff at thinkstep.