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This demonstration explains how a Supplier can set an existing Regulatory Compliance Declaration (RCD) for a parts list to have a Status of Obsolete. Parts in the list which are attached to this existing RCD will be displayed in red font and this Obsolete declaration will not be reported as needing to be updated when new REACH Candidate List substances are added to the BOMcheck list of regulated substances every 6 months.   If the supplier uses the Update ALL RCD tool to update all their Approved RCDs for certain substances, then this action does not apply these substances in the Obsolete declarations.  

The demonstration also explains how a supplier can choose to Update an Obsolete RCD declaration to become an Approved declaration again.  For example, if a supplier ceases to supply a parts list to a customer and so sets the compliance status for the RCD parts list to obsolete.   And then the customer decides to start purchasing this parts list again from the supplier.  The supplier can choose to Update the Obsolete RCD for this parts list to make it an Approved declaration again, or the supplier can choose to make a new declaration for this parts list.

Note.  The Obsolete function is not available for a Full Materials Declaration.  BOMcheck will continue to generate an updated RCD from the FMD data when new REACH Candidate List substances are added to the BOMcheck list of regulated substances every 6 months.