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A Manufacturer Account provides access to download substance declarations data from the database, for example, for the part numbers that you buy from your suppliers. A Manufacturer Account is free provided you sign a Manufacturers Agreement in which you agree to send a letter to your suppliers asking them to join BOMcheck.

Most suppliers make their Regulatory Compliance Declarations available to all customers in BOMcheck and so these data are available to you immediately if you decide to join BOMcheck as a manufacturer. If a supplier has made their Full Materials Declarations confidential to certain customers, then the supplier can add you to these confidentiality settings in one step so that that all these existing Full Materials Declarations can also be made available immediately to you.

If the supplier has not made declarations for certain parts yet, then BOMcheck provides supply chain management tools for Manufacturers and ‘wizard’ tools to guide suppliers to make substance declarations for REACH, RoHS and other regulated substances around the world. Manufacturers who have a Super User Account can use BOMcheck to send a parts list and a request message to their suppliers for action in BOMcheck. Suppliers receive reminder emails from BOMcheck if the required dates in the customer requests are exceeded. Suppliers can review the customer requests and send a response message in BOMcheck to accept or reject the parts list. If the supplier accepts the request, the 'wizard' tools guide the supplier to download the customer’s parts list and to make declarations for their own part numbers and/or to map the customer part numbers to the supplier's part numbers.