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BOMcheck is an industry led solution which was launched by the COCIR European Trade Association in June 2008 to benefit all sectors of the electronics industry. is a shared industry-led web database system which provides tools and guidance for suppliers to publish and maintain their materials declarations in international standard formats for their customers to access.

The BOMcheck Steering Group comprises Siemens, Philips, GE, Sony Mobile, Osram, Toshiba, Agfa, Texas Instruments, Tyco Electronics and Fujifilm. The Steering Group meets every two months by web meeting and conference call to direct the development of new functions and features on BOMcheck and to plan joint roll out to suppliers.

BOMcheck increases the quality and response rate for supplier materials declarations by providing benefits to suppliers:

  • All manufacturers share one database system and one global list of restricted and declarable substances for materials declarations to their suppliers
  • BOMcheck system provides expert guidance on regulated substances worldwide, including requirements in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe
  • Suppliers can choose to make a Regulatory Compliance Declaration (e.g. for REACH, RoHS, other regulatory requirements) or to make a Full Material Declaration (FMD), in which case BOMcheck automatically calculates a Regulatory Compliance Declaration (RCD) from the FMD data. Suppliers can choose to make the FMD confidential to certain customers and allow other customers only to see the RCD which BOMcheck calculates from the FMD data.
  • The FMD tool includes built-in data validation. Suppliers declare each substance in each material by selecting from a searchable list of 524,000 substance names and CAS numbers. BOMcheck calculates the percentages of substances in materials and parts to calculate an up-to-date Regulatory Compliance Declaration.
  • BOMcheck includes built-in electronic signature arrangements which comply with US FDA Regulations. When the Manufacturer downloads a supplier material declaration from BOMcheck this is equivalent to the Manufacturer receiving a paper-based declaration with a handwritten signature from the supplier.
  • All suppliers data is updated centrally when the list of RoHS exemptions and regulated substances changes. Suppliers receive guidance and training on the regulatory changes and how to use the BOMcheck tools to re-certify their Regulatory Compliance DeclarationsAll BOMcheck tools and User Guides are available in Chinese, Japanese, German and English 
  • Suppliers can attach evidence documents (e.g. analytical test reports) and can e-mail their declarations data to any manufacturer customers who are not on BOMcheck yet
  • Free webinar training for suppliers. The monthly introduction webinars provide an overview of the RoHS, REACH, Batteries and Packaging regulations and a detailed demonstration of how suppliers can publish materials declarations in BOMcheck. When a supplier joins BOMcheck they are required to complete a recording training program (available in Chinese and English) which includes a step-by-step demonstration of all of the tools on BOMcheck. A recorded introduction webinar is available at in Chinese, German and English.