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In addition to a list of equipment parts, a Boxed Product also includes individual items of Sales Packaging which are provided to the consumer.  For example, a cardboard box, a polythene bag to contain items of equipment such as batteries etc.  Each of these items of Sales Packaging is defined as an Article under the REACH Regulation. Philips and other leading OEMs require their suppliers to provide a regulatory compliance declaration for each of these Sales Packaging part numbers.   Note that other types of packaging which are not provided to the consumer (for example, transport packaging) are covered by the packaging compliance statement PDF that the supplier can create on BOMcheck.

The contract manufacturer who packs these equipment items and Sales Packaging items into the ‘boxed product’ can create a Boxed Product number on BOMcheck. This Boxed Product number groups all of the declarations for equipment part numbers and Sales Packaging part numbers together under the Boxed Product number.  To create the Boxed Product number on BOMcheck, the contract manufacturer must prepare a parts list which contains the part number for the equipment article or the part number for the Sales packaging article in column 1 and the BOMcheck Supplier Code (DUNS number) in column 2.  If the equipment part number or packaging part number occurs multiple times in the boxed product then you can include the quantity in column 3.

When BOMcheck loads the parts list file, BOMcheck displays the equipment part numbers and the packaging part numbers separately.  Boxed Products are shown in Brown font on BOMcheck and the declaration status for the list of equipment parts is shown separately to the declaration status for the list of Sales Packaging parts.