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In some cases, a contract manufacturer may supply a ‘boxed product’ to their OEM customer for the OEM to sell on to the consumer. The boxed product comprises several individual items of equipment which are already packed inside the sales packaging.  For example, a boxed product may contain the following list of individual items of equipment

  • lamp
  • remote control
  • foot stand for the lamp
  • power adapter
  • battery pack containing 3 batteries
  • instruction manuals

Each of these items of equipment is defined as an Article under the REACH Regulation. Therefore, the supplier must provide a regulatory compliance declaration (or a full materials declaration) for each equipment part number.   In addition, the contract manufacturer who packs these equipment items into the ‘boxed product’ can create a Boxed Product number on BOMcheck. This Boxed Product number groups all of the equipment part number declarations together under the Boxed Product number. To create the Boxed Product number on BOMcheck, the contract manufacturer must prepare a parts list file which contains the supplier equipment part number in column 1 and the BOMcheck Supplier Code (DUNS number) in column 2.  If the equipment part number occurs multiple times in the boxed product then you can include the quantity in column 3.