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You can create an Assembly with missing part numbers provided the supplier has already joined BOMcheck and you include the BOMcheck Supplier Code (DUNS number) for the missing part numbers in the parts list for the Assembly.  When you search for the Assembly part you will see that BOMcheck displays a note beside the Assembly part number to highlight that it contains missing parts. The missing parts are highlighted in grey on the assembly parts list.  When BOMcheck re-calculates the compliance of the Assembly part each day, BOMcheck checks whether the suppliers have made declarations for the missing part numbers and includes these data in the Assembly part when they are available. 

BOMcheck calculates the weight of the Assembly by adding up the weights of the individual part numbers. (For alternate part numbers, the heaviest part is used).  When you create an Assembly part you can choose to enter the measured weight of the Assembly into BOMcheck. In this case, BOMcheck will display the measured weight for the Assembly and will display the calculated weight as a % of the measured weight beside the Assembly part number.  BOMcheck will report the measured weight as part weight in the XML and CSV files that you download from BOMcheck.

For Assemblies with missing part numbers, the measured weight provides a valuable Key Performance Indicator for the percentage weight of the Assembly which is covered by part number declarations from suppliers. As suppliers provide declarations for the missing part numbers in the Assembly the ratio of the calculated weight to the measured weight will increase towards 100%.  

In the case where an Assembly includes a sub-assembly, BOMcheck determines the calculated weight of the Assembly by using the calculated weight of the sub-assembly. Therefore, the measured weight of an Assembly will not equal 100% of the calculated weight if the sub-assembly includes missing parts.