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Most companies are in the middle of the supply chain and so will need both a Supplier Account (to make declarations on BOMcheck for the part numbers you supply to your customers) and a Manufacturer Account (so that you can use BOMcheck to gather declarations from your suppliers). When a company has both accounts, Thinkstep provides a free upgrade to convert the supplier account into a Super User account.

In addition to providing access to all of the Manufacturer tools and all of the Supplier tools, a Super User account enables you to create an Assembly part by uploading a BOM parts list.  BOMcheck rolls up the declarations data for the supplier parts in your BOM parts list to calculate the compliance for your Assembly part. BOMcheck checks the declarations data for the supplier parts every day and re-calculates the compliance of your assembled products accordingly. You can specify:

  • the quantity of each part number in the assembly (e.g. 3 x 10 Ohm resistors, 15 cm of copper wire, 0.5 cm3 of solder)
  • that certain part numbers in the assembly are alternates (for example, if part numbers A, B and C are alternative 20 µF Capacitors but the assembled product will only contain one of these alternates)
  • that the assembly includes missing part numbers, provided that the Super User specifies the Supplier DUNS number for the missing part numbers in the parts list for the assembly
  • the measured weight of the assembly. BOMcheck displays the calculated weight (based on the parts weights provided by suppliers) as a percentage of the measured weight of the assembly. This provides a valuable Key Performance Indicator for the percentage weight of the assembly which is covered by part number declarations on BOMcheck.

Philips has published a video which explains how Philips uses BOMcheck as its IT system to calculate compliance for Philips assembled products.