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The View Suppliers List tool enables you to download an Excel file which provides  the BOMcheck Supplier Code (DUNS number) and the contact details for each supplier on BOMcheck.  Each part which a supplier declares (or maps, or creates as an assembly part etc) on BOMcheck is uniquely identified by the combination of the BOMcheck Supplier Code (DUNS number) and the part number.  This important file tells you the BOMcheck Supplier Code for each Supplier so that you can accurately search for the parts that the supplier has declared on BOMcheck.   

You can also use the View Suppliers List tool to receive e-mail notifications when your suppliers join BOMcheck, or when your suppliers update their list of manufacturing customers to inform you that the supplier is already on BOMcheck (for example, if you join BOMcheck as a Manufacturer after the supplier has already joined the system).  You can choose to receive e-mail notifications immediately, daily, weekly, or monthly. The e-mail notification includes a supplier list file which contains the suppliers contact details, BOMcheck Supplier Code (DUNS number) and date joined/renewed.