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A declaration for a parts list can have a status of Pending, Approved, Planned or Out of Date


If you create a RCD or FMD on BOMcheck but do not sign the declaration with your password, then the status of the declaration is set to Pending. A Pending declaration is not published on BOMcheck for Manufacturers to access - a Pending declaration can only be viewed by you. If you want to publish a Pending declaration then you need to view it from the Account Overview page, approve it and then sign the declaration with your electronic signature by typing in your password. If you decide you do not want to publish the Pending declaration then you can cancel it.    


An Approved declaration is published on BOMcheck for Manufacturers to access immediately. Manufacturers rely on the Approved declarations from their suppliers to manage the compliance of the Manufacturers’ assemblies and products. To comply with the US FDA regulations for electronic signatures, BOMcheck stores a complete record of all Approved declarations that the Supplier publishes on BOMcheck. In view of this, you cannot delete an Approved declaration.

You can make a new declaration for the same parts list, or update the existing Approved declaration for the parts list, to supersede the previous declaration. BOMcheck always shows manufacturers the declaration data which has the most recent Approval Date. If required ENVIRON can re-create the status of parts on the BOMcheck database at different times in the past (i.e. what was the compliance status of a supplier’s parts list on BOMcheck last week, last month, last year etc).

You see your superseded declarations listed on your Account Overview page. However, when you view a superseded declaration you will see that the part numbers on the superseded declaration are shown with a line through them to show that there is a more recently approved declaration for these parts.


A RCD which is not updated at least once per year is set to Out of Date. If you have created a FMD and used the FMD to generate an RCD, then the RCD will be updated by BOMcheck when new substances are added to the BOMcheck list of regulated and declarable substances. As new substances will be added to the BOMcheck list at least once per year then an RCD which is generated from an FMD will never become set to Out of Date.