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BOMcheck will upload an XML file provided it conforms with the technical format for an IPC 1752A Class C declaration.  An example of a suitable IPC 1752A Class C XML file for upload to BOMcheck is provided here

The substance category names and threshold values used on BOMcheck are provided here, together with allowed alternative English substance names for these substance categories. These substance category names (or one of the allowed alternatives) must be included in the <SubstanceCategoryList> that you include in your IPC 1752A Class C XML file. You must use one of these allowed character strings so that BOMcheck can identify the substance category names in your XML file.

If the RoHS threshold is exceeded for a RoHS substance category (and the part is not covered by a relevant exemption) then the <Concentration> element must be used to provide the worst case concentration in mass % of the RoHS substance category in the homogenous material. If the part contains > 0.1% of a REACH Candidate List substance then the <Amount> element must be used to provide the worst case concentration (using UOM = massPercent) of the REACH Candidate List substance in the part.

If you are claiming a RoHS exemption then you must choose a valid Exemption Identity from the list provided here and quote ExemptionListID authority = “IPC” and Identity = “EL2011/534/EU”. If you claim one of the mercury exemptions for lamps then you must report the weight of mercury in the lamp in mg using the <Amount> element (i.e. UOM = mg).

A separate ‘Pending‘ declaration will be created for each Product in your XML file. You must sign each Pending declaration to Approve it for publication on BOMcheck. You should minimise the number of declarations you create by grouping your part numbers into Products (i.e. each Product that you declare in your XML file should include a list of ProductIDs to identify the part numbers that the declaration applies to). BOMcheck will list your declarations on your Account Overview page. BOMcheck will give each declaration a title by using the file name of your XML file and allocating a sequential number to each of the Products that your declare in your XML file. (e.g. FileName-1, FileName-2, etc).