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The BOMcheck Full Materials Declaration (FMD) tool includes 216,000 CAS numbers for 524,000 substance names, including common chemical names, synonyms and trade names. Each CAS number is categorized against lists of substances which are currently regulated/declarable and lists which are at risk of becoming regulated in future (e.g. EU CMD Cat 1 and 2, EU PBT/vPvB, etc).

You can create a Full Materials Declaration with up to 5% confidential substances by weight of the part, and still use these FMD data to generate a Regulatory Compliance Declaration on BOMcheck, provided you sign an additional statement on BOMcheck to confirm that:

  • You have identified the confidential substances in the BOMcheck FMD tool, and
  • The BOMcheck FMD tool indicates that the confidential substances are not included in any regulated/declarable lists or any risk lists  

Your signed and dated statement confirming that you have screened your confidential substances against today‚Äôs lists is stored in BOMcheck. If an unexpected substance becomes regulated we use the date of the signed statements to determine which FMDs need to be re-screened and re-signed.  We do this by checking if the new regulated substance was included on any risk list on the date that you carried out your screening.